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Mission: Productive Health aims to increase your employees’ mental and physical health. We believe that with physical and mental well-being comes productivity, teamwork, leadership, and prosperity of your business will grow simultaneously.
It’s quite simple, our objective is to bring you to the next level !

According to studies, a physically active employee is 12 % more productive!

Level up!

Why choose Santé productive?

At Santé Productive, we trust in teamwork and we know that a healthy team is stronger and more productive. We know that an employee in good mental and physical health will be able to better help the organisation reach its goals. By adapting a specific wellness plan for your company, we can help improve the quality of life of your employees. With our large variety of services, you will find the combination that best suits your needs.

Studies show that having a health and wellness plan helps diminish absenteeism and contributes towards achieving employees’ desired life quality.

In Canada, studies show that each dollar invested in health and wellness will yield a $2 to $4 return.

In addition, our team moves directly to your workplace or at the most appropriate location to save you time.

Take action!

Available services

  • Osteopathy

    Restore the body functions by treating the causes of pain and set functional disorders using a natural medicine.

  • Gym-lunch

    Be efficient and train intensely and concisely. The group exercice class will be followed by a healthy meal delivered to your business from Lola Rosa® restaurants.

  • Massotherapy

    Discover the benefits of massage therapy in the workplace. Your team will thank you.

  • Yoga

    Relieve stress and recharge your positive energy with a yoga session. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

  • Group Training

    Weave significant links between members of your organization while reaping the benefits of physical activity on your body and mind.

  • Sports challenge

    Work as a team and take on a sporting challenge, organized according to your preferences.

  • Conferences

    One of our speakers comes on site and educate you about healthy habits to adopt on as outside workplaces in your professional life.

  • Evaluations of physical condition

    Give your team the chance to be evaluated on the fitness plan to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Progress is motivating and greatly enhances self-esteem.

  • Nutrition

    Power is the energy of body and mind, learn the virtues of a healthy diet and feel better than ever. Get special rates on Poliquin® dietary supplements.

Service Plans

Contact us for a personalized service plan and specific to your business needs.


Choice of 1 service
  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • 12 months


Choice of 2 services
  • 3 months (Best Seller)

  • 6 months

  • 12 months


Choice of 3 services
  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • 12 months (Best value)

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Jean-Philippe Rioux

  • Kinesiology degree from Université de Montréal – 2012
  • 7 years experience as a personnal trainer
  • 4 years experience as a trainer for high performance sports teams
  • Responsable for the health and well-being program of two businesses downtown Montreal
  • Participation to 2 provincial olympic weight lifting competition
  • Passionnate, honest, persevering, entrepreneur

I like to create new positive energy that will bring a company to the next level.


  • Kinesiologists or other health professionals interested in working for Santé Productive are always welcome

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We guarantee quality, efficiency and our drive in meeting your needs

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